A s a location scout for the past twenty-seven years for some of the world’s leading advertisers, I have been fortunate to review at the designs of thousands of homes on behalf of my clients. I find this home (the Sunset Idea House in Monterra) to be exceptionally worthy of comment.


Your design, when it first came out, was far ahead of the design curve in your use of materials and spatial forms, so much so that I delayed scouting the house for a couple of years. Only recently has mainstream advertising consciousness caught up with this expression of the new aesthetic of living. Your use of reclaimed materials, passive energy design, and modernist sensibilities reflecting your love of history makes this a timeless and classic American home.

Pictures do not do this design justice. When I visited this discreetly sited home, so integrated into the landscape, I thought I had missed it until I arrived at the gate. The connectedness of the interior to the outdoors, the skyward reach of the beams, and the wood structure in a wooded environment created a sense that I was standing in a much larger space than it’s square footage might indicate on paper.

The references to the region’s agricultural history root the compound firmly in the tradition of Wurster’s Modern Farmhouse vernacular, while the openness of the floor to ceiling glass reflect the modernist pan-Asian inspired works of Charles Moore and other California pioneers. While standing on the shoulders of these traditions, the design breaks new and original ground.

It was a joy to be there, and I look forward to visiting more of your projects. Thank you for connecting me to your client.

Best regards,

Jim Baldwin
Baldwin Production Services

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