asilomar dunes model annotated
model deck courtyard

Model view from the North

The expanded house: three buildings connected by enclosed “boardwalks”.

Beach House. The exterior is restored and remodeled internally into a two-bedroom wing with intimate fireside area for family or guests.

Gathering House. Positioned on higher ground for views, it has a new entry, two stories of living space, dining room, kitchen, ocean view (roof) deck and courtyard.

West WingA two-­‐story element contains two bedrooms and a lower floor that may serve as office and playroom.

GarageThis structure is embedded into the dune to minimize its visibility and impacts on views from living spaces and on the adjacent property.

Left. The rooftop deck. Dramatic ocean views from this level also overlooks a walled courtyard protected from ocean breezes.

asilomar dunes

A fragile coastal environment is the setting and challenge for the creation of this ocean view estate property with restored habitat and a 90 year­‐old beach house.

Working with a ramshackle house, amidst sensitive dune habitat, HOOD assembled a team of experienced, local professionals – biologist, arborist, historian, archeologist, geotechnical engineer, and the noted firm Bernard Trainor Landscape Architects – to collaborate on the painstaking task of assessing the site and defining a building envelope. The resulting design incorporates site restoration and additions to the beach house, addressing stringent zoning and coastal development standards and meeting the owner’s needs for a large residence. Fundamentally, the project presents a way to build responsibly in the coastal zone and restore dune habitat.

The Site

The three acre parcel is environmentally sensitive habitat (ESHA). The landscape architect, biologist and arborist were responsible for documenting and assessing the property to define a building envelope with the architect. Within that defined area, HOOD designed a building that connects to and and restores the original beach house. Additions provide new living space, bedrooms, garage and outdoor areas in harmony with ESHA without interfering with neighbors’ views.

asilomar dunes historic cottage
asilomar dunes property sitemap
dunes beach cottage exterior
1930 addition with granite fireplace, board and batten siding
dunes beach house asilomar pacific grove ca
Circa 1930 entry porch
asilomar dunes beach house fireplace
West elevation, Asilomar historic beach house
outside wall historic house asilomar ca
Board and batten singe wall construction
asilomar dunes beach house porch
Original porch was enclosed for added living space

The Beach House

Constructed around 1925 as a two-room cottage, subsequent additions included the living room with fireplace, a second bedroom, and enclosed porch. Its’ wood frame single wall construction and wood sash windows are characteristic of early 20th Century architecture on the Peninsula

asilomar dunes site exploration
Drilling rig operation during geotechnical investigation
asilomar dunes ca storypoles
Adjacent property views were respected with property expansion

Soils Investigation

Soils investigations, biological assessments and sun, wind and view studies strongly influenced site development, building placement and configuration. As a result of extensive analysis, each team consultant had a specific influence on the design.

building plans on site
Tailgate design work
asilomar dunes architectural plans
Building section studies defined various building heights to ensure views and respect neighbors
view upper dune
Rendering: view from upper dune
model aerial plan view asilomar dunes site
asilomar dunes house model west view
Model view west from driveway. The upper dune to the right is an environmentally sensitive habitat area (ESHA), as is most of the three acre site. No development is permitted.
story poles west side dunes asilomar pacific grove ca
Site view west with existing house at right. The garage is intended to be dug into the ground at left, leaving the existing tree. behind.
architectural model asilomar dunes home site
Additions recall local architectural tradition.

Traditional wood frame construction is abstracted for a more transparent exterior skin. The desired effect is for the two-­‐ story Gathering House to appear to be “stripped” of its siding and resting on top of a stone base.



In accordance with the owners’ wishes, the connection at the Beach House and the Gathering House is transparent, providing views over the dune to the ocean and back into the adjacent woods. The Beach House retains its character while additions complement its massing.

asilomar dunes architectural rendering east elevation
East Elevation
asilomarwest north elevations
asilomar addition northwest view
Adition. View from Northwest
beach house sw corner
Beach house Southwest corner
linear expression
Linear window expression
asilomar dunes schematic south elevation
garage detail
Detail of garage with stone base. Western Red Cedar doors.
1930s fireplace
1930's fireplace constructed from beach stone

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